The list of Shandar (Список Шандара) is a nomenklatura that was created by James Shandar himself in 2004. The main purpose of this list is to provide the names, addresses and contacts of reliable men and women on which fraternity can rest. People whose registered name can easily enter the Brotherhood or enter into business with the Brotherhood. This list is managed and updated by the secretary of our circle.

The list of Shandar is confidential and not available to the general public. The people on the list are thus assured of complete anonymity and protection by Shandarism. At last, there is no point trying to hack this site to find it. Because the List of Shandar is not numerized.

Be on the list

When you are on the list, you receive an invitation to join or collaborate with our circle. To be on the list is the sesame opening the doors of shandarism as well the candidates to the Brotherhood as for the non-shandarians wishing to make partnerships or business with us. If your name is not on the list, you can not become a member of the Brotherhood or do business with the fraternity. Anyone wishing to join our circle or do business with it must be on the List of Shandar.

Terms and Registration

How to be on the list? Everyone can not be on the list of Shandar. To be on the list, you must deserve it, otherwise you can not. Thus, anyone who wishes to be on the list must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 21 and over (Minors strictly prohibited)
  • Must have significant means or relationships to make available to the collective consciousness
  • Must be a trusted person, honest, faithful and loyal
  • Must have interests that converge with those of the Brotherhood/Shandarism

To be on the list, please contact one of our members. Your request will be forwarded to circle. Thank you

Important : registration on the list of Shandar is completely free. There is no registration or hidden fee. If someone asks you for money in exchange for your inscription on the list, know that it is a SCAM.

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse to inscribe your name on the list of Shandar.







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