The Treasure of the Shandarians

There is a Shandarian legend in which it is said that when the founder was in the United States, he would have buried in the the Nevada desert with other followers a treasure called the treasure of the shandarians

The exact content of this treasure has never been revealed. However, the legend says that it contains an object from elsewhere that has a mysterious power over the one who holds it. It would connect the mind with other realities and dimensions and allow to know the hidden secrets of the universe. But also the past as the future. According to legend, this would be the same object that would have given the Founder much of the current knowledge that is found today in Shandarian thought.

But there is also a consideration, a price to pay.

Indeed, this object would have a mysterious power over the minds of those who use it. It would create hallucinations and make paranoid. It would also cause people to lose their mind, to become violent until they kill each other.

For this, the shandarian treasure is considered as cursed. It's for this reason that the founder buried it with gold and other precious metals in the desert, far from any civilizations.





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