Edifice of Shandaria

From the 3 foundamental pillars and their 3 columns is established the edifice of Shandaria. But what is the edifice of Shandaria? It is the expression and materialization on the physical plane of the information of the memory of cosmos situated on the paraphysical plane. It is through this edifice that Shandarism exists in physical reality. In this way, there is no possible existence of Shandaria on this plane of reality without this edifice.

This edifice is considered as a conscious and intelligent living entity artificially created. It is composed of 4 main organs all issued from the 3 fundamental pillars.

➤ The first organ (Organ Alpha Α) is the collective consciousness/egregore of shandarians (Συλλογική συνείδηση) issued from the first pillar - consciousness. It ensures the memory, the consciousness and the vital energy of Shandarism.

➤ The second organ(Organ Gamma-1 Γ-1) is the Shandarian dimension (Χανδαριανική διάσταση) (1) issued from the second pillar, the universe. It ensures the space and time in which Shandarism is expressed on this physical plane of reality.

➤ The third organ (Organ Gamma-2 Γ-2) is the energy center (Ενέργεια) also issued from the second pillar, the universe. It ensures the energy and the matter in which Shandarism is expressed on this physical plane of reality.

➤ The fourth organ (Organ Omega Ω) is the biological collective composed of biological envelopes male and female of Shandarians (Βιολογικός φάκελος) issued from the third pillar, biological matter. It ensures the action and interaction as well as the communication in which Shandarism is expressed on this physical plane of reality.

The unification of 4

The unification of the four is the synthetic union of 4 organs composing the edifice of Shandaria. They generate its synthesis and making Shandarism exist in physical plane (visible world) and paraphysical plane(invisible/astral world). In this synthetic union, everything starts from the first organ, the collective consciousness presents on the paraphysical plane of the cosmos. From this first organ create a reality. This reality generates the second organ, the Shandarian dimension from the space-time continuum. Then at the heart of this Shandarian dimension is created the energy center (3rd organ) generated from the matter-energy actum. At last, from the center of energy emerges the 4th and last organ (biological collective/envelope) which constitutes then the continuum of this one. There or finally, the first organ projects, infuses and intricates into the fourth organ that become its biological vectors. The collective consciousness thus becomes the Alpha (the beginning) and the biological collective/envelope, the Omega (the end) of the Shandaria's edifice.

Power of the edifice

Shandaria's edifice is nourished and strengthened through its 3 fundamental pillars. Thus the first pillar feeds the Alpha organ through the supply of vital energy and memories. The second pillar feeds the Gamma-1 and Gamma-2 organs by renewing them. Finally, the third and last pillar feeds the Omega organ with the procreation and assimilation of new biological envelopes.

Pyramid, octahedron and icosahedron

Shandaria's edifice exists in the geometric form/volume of a pyramid. The Shandarian pyramid is composed of 5 faces (1 square and 4 triangular), of which 4 faces for the 4 organs and a fifth, the base for the 3 fundamental pillars. The pyramid points and connects Shandaria with the higher vibratory frequencies/dimensions of the cosmos. When one progresses from the degree of low to medium consciousness. Then from medium consciousness to that of high consciousness, what was invisible becomes gradually visible. In this way, the pyramid reveals its hidden side to the medium consciousness. It is transformed and becomes an octahedron. The octahedron points Shandaria and places it in connection with the vibratory frequencies/dimensions both superior and inferior of the cosmos (without connotation good/bad). At last, revealing more of its other hidden faces in the degree of high consciousness, it transforms to become an icosahedron. The icosahedron points shandaria and puts it in connection with all of the vibratory frequencies/dimensions of the cosmos.

Note:Each face of the octahedron and the icosahedron not only represent organs, they are also multiple dimensions, both subtle and hidden, containing knowledge and mysteries about the universe.

(1) In Shandarism, there is no territory, state or nation, but quantum dimensions and fields of reality.






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