The Flame of Eternity

The first symbol of Shandarism is fire, which is incarnated through a fiery flame that we call here the Flame of Eternity (Φλόγα της αιωνιότητας). The latter symbolizes the life essence and the existence of Shandarism as well as that of its collective consciousness. It is represented by 3 flames in a circle. The circle and circular shape symbolizes the life cycle of shandarism repeating itself indefinitely. A repetition conferring on the Shandarian entity a form of eternity and immortality. The flame symbolizes the light and energy of the Shandarian entity. At the origin of this symbol, the founder was inspired by the symbol of fire (Atar) in Zoroastrianism, an ancient religion of Persia (present-day Iran). Among the Zoroastrians, Atar is a divine symbol. In the Shandarian thought, there is no God. So, fire can not be divine, sacred and even less be worshiped.

Official Seal of Shandarism

As one progresses in reality, the flame of eternity changes shape, transforms to become «light». This light or light of eternity (Φως της αιωνιότητας) thus becomes the symbol of Shandarism. Then at a more advanced level of consciousness, the symbol is transformed again to finally become the energy of life (Δύναμη της ζωής) which is the expression of the energy of life animating the Cosmos itself. This is always the same symbol, but in many different forms.

Shandarian motto

The official motto of Shandarism is: According to the laws of the universe. Under the reign of universal consciousness. (Σύμφωνα με τους Νόμους του Σύμπαντος. Στο πλαίσιο της βασιλείας της Παγκόσμιας Συνείδησης.). It means that we live according to the laws of the universe and under the presence (and not under the domination) of the Universal Consciousness. In other words, the Universal Consciousness reigns by its presence, but does not impose any will on existing forms of life in the universe. Then when one reaches the degree of medium consciousness/reality, the words «laws» and «reign» are declining and changing to become « According to the information of the universe, Under the perception of the universal consciousness ». Finally, when one reaches the degree of high consciousness/reality, the words «information» and «perception» are declining and changing again to become «According to the reality of the universe, Under the creation of the universal consciousness». The law becomes information that becomes reality. The reign becomes the perception that becomes the creation.

Note: Shandarism is a declination system like the Greek and Russian languages. Depending on whether you are low, medium or high consciousness, Shandarian realities, principles and symbols decline into other realities, principles and symbols to suit your situation and level of consciousness. If you are initiated, a Shandarian, you do not need to know all the declinations, but only those that correspond to your current level of consciousness.

But there are also 2 other shandarian mottos that are:

    One Consciousness, one thought, one energy (Ενα συνείδηση - Ενα σκέψη - Ενα ενέργεια) which is the motto of the Shandarian collective Consciousness

    Science, Logic and Atheism (Επιστήμη, Λογική και Αθεϊσμός) which is the motto of the circle

This brings us back to the number of 3 mottos listed on each of the 3 fundamental pillars of shandarism which also has an invisible, hidden and occult function.

Shandarian Motto Related fundamental pillar
One Consciousness, one thought, one energy The Consciousness
According to the laws of the universe. Under the reign of universal consciousness The Universe
Science, Logic and Atheism The Bio (biological matter)

Languages & Communications

In the visible sense/physical plane of the universe, Shandarism owns and uses 3 official languages which are telepathy, modern Greek and Russian. English is translation language only. In the invisible sense/paraphysical plane of the universe, shandarism owns and uses 2 official languages which are telepathy and a dead language of the Middle East, Assyrian.

Shandarism's colors

The color of Shandarism is the navy blue, the color of the universe, space and cosmos in its visible sense. But which also corresponds in its invisible sense to the degree of the medium consciousness. The mauve or violet colors are the second colors of Shandarism. They are the colors of knowledge, dimensions occult in their visible senses and corresponding to the degree of high consciousness in the invisible sense. Finally, concerning the degree of low consciousness which is the black color, it is not present here.

Colors of Shandarism




Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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