The Shandarian practice (Χανδάριανική πρακτική) consists in executing functions and operations. When these operations are applied in a dimensional sequence (here life on the planet earth and the astral plane), they form the Shandarian lifestyle. Which is regulated by a set of rules, codes and consensus composing the Shandarian culture.

The Functions (Λ1,Λ2,Λ3,Λ4)

In Shandarian practice, a function (Λειτουργία) represented by the letter (Λ) is a coherent action group that transforms an energetic, memory, or reality state into another state. There are 4 main functions which are:

Function Λ1 - the experience of reality (Εμπειρία της πραγματικότητας): Its execution allows to update the memory of the shandarian in order to this one progresses in his/her Moira. In other words, to pass a memory from a state (M1) to a state (M2), then from (M2) to (M3), then from (M3) to (M4), etc., etc.

Function Λ2 - the unification (Ενοποίηση): Its execution allows to regenerate the consciousness passing the latter from an energetic state (E-) to an energetic state (E+). That's to say from a state of discharged to that of charged in order to have all the energy necessary to continue to do what he/she has to do.

Function Λ3 - the rites and ceremonies (Τελετές): Its execution allows the Shandarian to go from quantum state (Q1) to other quantum state (Q2) in order that he continues to progress in the completion of his/her Moira.

Function Λ4 - the celebration (Γιορτές): Its execution allows us to recall in memory the meaning and sense of the Shandarian practice. Here passing our state of memory from forgotten (M-) to recall (M+).

The matrix of function (Mλ)

7 prohibited practices

There are in Shandarism 7 prohibited practices which are:

1. Cult, worship and devotions.

2. Prayers, supplications and prostrations.

3. Offerings, songs and dances.

4. Human and/or animal sacrifices.

5. Self-flagellation and all other practices of body mutilation.

6. Consumption of hallucinogenic drugs or alcohol.

7. Ritual rapes and sacred prostitution.

The matrix of function (Mλ) is the device that allows the execution of the functions Λ1, Λ2, Λ3 and Λ4. The latter is composed of 4 elements which are:

  • The collective consciousness that is the brain directing the execution of the function
  • Biological vectors (of the collective consciousness) or "Shandarians" that execute the function
  • The protocols (elements of the guidance) which are the programs from which the vectors execute the function
  • The temporal tables that are the solar, lunar, and stellar calendars indicating when the function should be executed

Instruments of function (Iλ)

The instruments of function (Iλ) are the tools that allow biological vectors to execute functions. There are four of them: space, time, energy and matter. Coupled together, they form the space-time continuum and the energy-matter actum serving as "natural resources" for Shandarian practice.

    1) The space (Χώρος) refers to the place of execution of the function. This is the center of energy when the function is fixed and the continuum when the function is not fixed.

    2) The time (Ωρα) refers to the duration and timing of the function. It is based on the temporal tables of the matrix function (Mλ)

    3) The energy (Ενέργεια) refers to the psi powers used for the execution of the function. Including telepathy, clairvoyance, hypnosis, lucid dreaming, remote viewing, astral projection, psychokinesis.

    4) The matter (Υλικό) refers to the biological vector itself serving instruments, but also to any other objects serving as a tool for the function

Good to know: When using the instruments of function , they become artificial and temporary extensions of the biological vectors.

Matricial operations

Matricial operations are the completed execution of protocols by biological vectors with the instruments making the function active. The execution of these protocols is directed by the collective consciousness (our egregore) through the action of its biological vectors (the shandarians) and their instruments of function by following the temporal tables in this dimensional sequence. They thus enable the Shandarian to be passed from a quantum state to another quantum state in the accomplishment of his/her Moira through the space-time continuum.

The non-promise (Μη-υπόσχομαι)

In Shandarian practice, there is no promise made. No success, no happiness, no soul salvation or any other reward. Why? For the simple reason that in life you have nothing without nothing. When you want to accomplish your Moira, you must work in this way to achieve it. No pain, no gain! So if only one person can help you achieve it, it is you and nobody else ...

Your results will be proportional to the actions undertaken in your life realization.

    ➤ If you correctly execute the tasks composing the process leading to the realization of your Moira and raise your level of consciousness, you will succeed.

    ➤ If you do not perform these same tasks correctly, do not be surprised to get contrary results!

This is the principle of the non-promise

Therefore, the shandarians, thinking and acting in accordance with the laws and conjunctures of the cosmos - of good will - making efforts will bring value to the universe which in return will open the doors to a better life for them. While the others do nothing else than complaining, blaming the others for their misfortunes and posing as victims of life will only have the fruit of their own thoughts and behaviors: that's to say nothing at all!

Dissatisfied for not getting what they want, they will leave themselves or simply be fired from the collective consciousness by the Shandarian purges (Because of their discordant/negative energies). This will free space for new members with a more appropriate consciousness and energy.

Personal responsibility in practice

The non-promise thus implies one thing, that of the Shandarian's responsibility in his/her practice. In other words, the Shandarian is responsible for his/her actions and the result of success and failure of the latter. He/she cannot remove his/her responsibility by blaming the others for what he/she has not been able to do; or for misfortunes that he/she has created him/herself. Shandarism is nothing else than an instrument. If you use an instrument incorrectly and you get hurt with it, will you blame the instrument? Yet, that's what idiots do ...







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