Shandarism bases its foundations on three fundamental pillars or "P3". To understand what are the 3 fundamental pillars, it is necessary to approach the source which is the life energy (Ενέργεια της ζωής). This life energy is compressed to become corpuscles oscillating according to 3 main major frequencies (although there is an infinite number).

    ➤ The first frequency generates the consciousness of the universe (Η συνείδηση του σύμπαντος) or « universal consciousness »

    ➤ The second frequency generates the universe (Σύμπαν) itself, its space-time continuum and its energy-matter actum with its planets, stars and galaxies.

    ➤ The third frequency generates the biological matter (Βιολογικός) and its fractal compartments that are the monocellular and multicellular organisms from the second frequency.

It is from these 3 natural elements of the universe that the 3 basic pillars of Shandarism are established. That's to say, the 3 columns on which the Shandarism building is based.

The 3 fundamental pillars

Consciousness, universe and biological constitute then the 3 pillars on which the building of Shandarism is established. Together they form the three fundamental pillars (Οι 3 θεμελιώδεις πυλώνες). Called thus, because it is from these that Shandarism is structured on a plane both physical and metaphysical. Without the presence of these pillars, shandarism would simply not exist.

From the consciousness of the universe emerges from its process of consciousness the collective consciousness (Συλλογική συνείδηση) and the egregore of the Shandarians. From the universe emerges from their processes of synthesis the shandarian dimensions (Χανδαριανική διάσταση) with their centers of energy. From the biological material emerges from their procreation processes the male and female biological envelopes of the Shandarians (Βιολογικός φάκελος) composing "the biological collective" on the background and "the circle" on the form (because the assembly geometrically forms a circle) also known as Fraternity.

Thus, Shandarism and cosmos are intimately linked to each other, of which the three fundamental pillars are the points of connection and communication.

I. Consciousness, the first pillar

The consciousness (Η συνείδηση) of the universe is the first column on which the building of Shandarism is based. Belonging to the paraphysical plan, it is the gateway to the information and memory of the cosmos. There is stocked the information of Shandarism, its anatomy, its physiology as well as its evolution through space and time. Vibrating on another frequency than the other 2 pillars, it is invisible foundation and the source from which the presence and visible existence of Shandarism manifests itself. This first pillar is symbolized by the sign of infinity in a circle. Symbol also having a visible meaning (the hologram) and another meaning, invisible, hidden and occult (the program).

II. The universe, the second pillar

The universe (Το σύμπαν) is the second column on which the Shandarism building is based. Belonging to the physical plane, the space-time continuum and the energy-matter actum composing it are the materials from which the building of Shandarism is built and exists. Placed under the direction, and thus the reign of the first pillar, which is the consciousness of the universe (1), these materials are the materialization and the synthesis of information units of the memory of the cosmos giving rise to the physical presence of Shandarism. This second pillar is symbolized by a galaxy in a circle. Just as for the symbol of consciousness, it also has a visible (energy-matter) and invisible (space-time) meaning.

III. The biological, the third pillar

The biological (Το βιολογικό) is the third column on which the building of Shandarism is based. Also belonging to the physical plane, the biological is the set of organic units serving as biological vector for the first pillar, the consciousness located on the paraphysical plane. In this way, they serve as an interface of consciousness through which the latter can communicate and interact on the physical plane. This third pillar ensures the expression of Shandarism on this physical plane while the second pillar ensures its presence. This third pillar is symbolized by a strand of DNA in a circle. As for the other 2 pillars, it has a visible meaning (procreation) and an invisible meaning (creation).

Note: the 3 fundamental pillars constitute the foundation on which the Shandarism building stands. Therefore, they do not decline and remain unchanged regardless of the degree of consciousness and reality (low/medium/high consciousness) in which you are.

3 pillars for 3 columns

The 3 fundamental pillars are thus the 3 columns on which Shandarism is based. So 2 visible columns (universe and biology) belonging to the physical plane and an invisible column (consciousness) belonging to the paraphysical plane connecting communicating and interacting between them. Such are the foundations of Shandarism and its edifice. These 3 pillars/columns are represented by the following symbol: 3 points for the 3 pillars in a double circle symbolizing the space of Shandaria. The top point for information/consciousness, the bottom left corner for the universe and the bottom right corner for the biological.

(1) What joins the motto of Shandarism: According to the laws of the universe, under the reign of universal consciousness.






Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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