The supreme authority

Among religious and believers, God is the supreme authority. With the humanists, man is the supreme authority. And for us Shandarians, the Cosmos (Κοσμος) is the supreme authority.


In Shandarian perception and reality, the Cosmos is all of what was, is, and will be. There is nothing that can exist and develop outside of the cosmos itself. The cosmos is a force that imposes its will on us and expresses it through the laws of the universe (Οι νόμοι του σύμπαντος) . Natural laws that regulate all the visible and invisible aspects of our existence and evolution as a form of life. Nothing and no one of what exists in the cosmos can escape the expression of its natural laws. It is therefore the supreme authority. This supreme authority is then represented by a Shandarian relic called the Vselennaya (Вселенная) . Face to the cosmos and its representation, we don't kneel and we don't worship them. We only accomplish our Moira by respecting its physical and metaphysical laws and by using the resources that the cosmos possesses and offers us. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Grand Guidance

The cosmos imposes us its information under the form of algorithmic code and physical consensus. Which act as natural laws both visible and invisible. Serving as a guide and compass on the way of shandarian, this same information is called here the grand guidance (Η μεγάλη καθοδήγηση). When this information is assimilated by our consciousness, it becomes guide and knowledge. Hence the origin of one of the three shandarian mottos: knowledge is our guide (Η γνώση είναι οδηγός μας).

The grand guidance is the union of 2 guidances which are « the first guidance » and « the secondary guidance».

    The first guidance (Το πρώτο καθοδήγηση) is a natural guidance. It is the set of clauses and consensus both energetical, psychical and biological aiming to make us exist on this plane of reality as a lifeform in order to fulfill our Moira. For the first guidance, there is nothing to do except follow its natural instincts by responding to our own biophysiological needs (eating, drinking, urinating, defecating, sleeping, reproducing). But also our psychophysiological needs (relaxation, communication, social contact, etc.).

    The secondary guidance (Το δευτερεύον καθοδήγηση) is an artificial guidance. It is the set of Shandarian codes, laws and principles that complement, reinforce and optimize the first guidance. It consists of 3 elements that are the principles, beliefs and values. To follow secondary guidance it is fundamental that the Shandarian embodies these 3 elements. In other words, apply them daily in an unconscious, automatic and natural way. Because it's only in this way that the secondary guidance can be properly followed.

On the way of Shandarian, the first guidance makes us functional at the level of our psyche (mind) and our biology (body) while the secondary guidance directs us in our evolution and progression from a state of consciousness unrealized to that of realized consciousness. So, the grand guidance is not a great master before whom one bows like in the spiritual and religious traditions. But an «information » that we search and extract from the memory of the universe, we understand in order to use it as a codes/principles to follow. Finally, be aware that there is no opposition between first and secondary guidance, but a relationship of complementarity.

Shandarian Guidance and Culture: The first and secondary guidance contains the set of rules, codes, principles and consensus regulating practice as well as Shandarian vision, customs and customs. In this way, this set of rules and social codes define Shandarian culture.

The Sphere, symbol of the guidance

The sphere (Η σφαίρα) is the symbol of Grand Guidance. It is both synonymous with perfection by its geometrical form and knowledge by the intelligence and the knowledge implemented for its realization. However, the latter can not be venerated nor idolized, because these practices of veneration and other worship are prohibited and nonexistent in Shandarism. The sphere can therefore only be considered as a mere intellectual representation of information, a guide in its meaning and content as well as an object of art in its form.

Important: Gurus, prophets and messiahs, spiritual guides and ascended masters do not exist in Shandarism. Only knowledge is our guide, a knowledge translated, expressed and applied through the action of « Shandarian Collective Consciousness » and its systems. In this context, gurus, prophets and messiahs have no use for a Shandarian. What is useless has no place in our reality. As a result, there is no guru, prophet or messiah in Shandarism. Finally, concerning the founder himself, he is not considered as guru, but only for what he is. That's to say, the founding father of Shandarism and the first of all Shandarians.






Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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