If you affirm that Shandarism is the system of thought founded by James Shandar, this is too simplistic and reductive to know and understand all the true essence and quintessence of the latter. The reality is Shandarism involves, touches and uses the dimensions of consciousness, biology, space and time. In this way, it is an entity much more complex than at first sight. So, only thorough knowledge in all its subtleties allows full consciousness and understanding. It's not by a simple reading that you will know Shandarism, but by the experience of all its dimensions, both hidden and multiple, as well as the knowledge they contain.

Shandarism (Χανδαρισμός) is the system of energy and reality founded by James Shandar. It combines consciousness, memory and biology in a natural and artificial way while integrating and using in space, time, energy and matter of this dimension. The function of Shandarism is to direct the consciousness in the execution of its Moira (Μοίρα) through science, logic, tool and technique. Shandarism is not a religion or a philosophy and is no longer a spirituality since 2013. Shandarism of today has absolutely nothing to do with Shandarism of the origins. The latter has evolved and transformed to become more scientific and technological while maintaining an occultist base.

A system without dogma or worship

Shandarism has no longer any dogmas or worships. It is now adogmatic and acultual in essence. The latter is thus based on a Cosmology (Χανδαριανική κοσμολογία) replacing any doctrine or philosophy. This cosmology contains the information and memory of the cosmos, of life and its accomplishment. However, this memory is not an absolute nor eternal truth, but a relative, dynamic and progressive representation of reality subject to updates. The practice of shandarism constitutes a full-fledged lifestyle (Ο τρόπος ζωής) based on the experience of reality (Εμπειρία της πραγματικότητας) through our 5 senses, but also through trances, lucid dreams and astral travel. On a strict discipline and hygienism of the body, mind and its psi abilities (telepathy, clairvoyance, etc.) as well as by the performance of rites, ceremonies and celebrations. The Shandarian practice is ultimately very close to shamanic practices. Although there is no connection between Shandarism and Shamanism. The symbol of Shandarism is fire incarnated through the flame of eternity (Φλόγα της αιωνιότητας).

Egregore, Assemblies & Energy Centers

Practitioners are called Shandarian (Χανδαριανός) and form a circle of Fraternity and Sorority. The circle meets in Assembly (Συνάντηση) and in an egregore called the Collective Consciousness (Συλλογική Συνείδηση) on energy centers commonly called « Hive » or « Swarm » (Ενέργεια). These centers of energy are easily recognizable from the inside with their circles drawn on the ground recalling patterns of crop circles. The assemblies and their sessions are led by women called « hostesses » (Δέσποινα).

Knowledge is Our Guide (KOG)

In the great Shandarian guidance, spiritual masters, gurus, prophets and messiahs do not exist. Only universal knowledge is our guide (Η γνώση είναι οδηγός μας). This knowledge is translated into physical and metaphysical laws, codes and principles to be applied. The Cosmos (Κοσμος) is the supreme authority, this is no God. Shandarism is atheist.

Cosmic and natural right

Shandarism does not come from any deity. As a result, it can not claim to derive its legitimacy from the will of any god. In this sense, Shandarism cannot be of divine right. On the other hand, it comes from cosmic and natural law. Why? Because information from which it was created from the hands of the founder are data coming directly from the memory of the cosmos. The cosmos being here the supreme, absolute and sovereign authority of all that was, is, and will be, Shandarism is finally legitimate in its existence and in its actions by cosmic right. Moreover, Shandarism is composed of natural elements such as consciousness and the biology of the universe, space and time, energy and matter. It is therefore a full entity coming from and belonging to the universe - although artificially created. Thus Shandarism is also a natural right. Shandarism exercises and asserts its cosmic and natural right to existence through its strength, intelligence, knowledge and foresight, combativeness, adaptability and resilience in the face of adversity and unfavorable conjonctures. Shandarism does not let anything or anyone destroy it or weaken it.




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According to the laws of the Universe
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