The cycles of Shandaria

Shandarism owns a life cycle whose function is to allow its existence as well as its sustainability on this plane of reality. This cycle is based on phases of construction, destruction and reconstruction. The purpose and effect of this is to strengthen Shandarism. To ensure an optimal effect of these cycles, they have been modeled on the astronomical cycles of the planet earth.

There are actually two interlocking life cycles that are the big cycle and the small cycle.

    ➤ The big cycle (Μεγάλος κύκλος) allows Shandaria to be sheltered from planetary cataclysms and thus ensures its survival through phases of activity and passivity (sleep). It follows the astronomical cycle of the planet earth.

    ➤ The small cycle (Μικρός κύκλος) allows the strengthening of Shandaria through phases of destruction and reconstruction. The latter is only feasible during the active phase of its big cycle. It does not follow the astronomical cycle of the planet earth.

The Big Cycle of Shandarism

The big cycle of Shandarism is based on 2 periods which are the active period and the active passive period. The active period is defined as the period during which Shandarism is active, that's to say when its program is applied by the members of the circle. The second passive period, also called Stasis, is defined as the period during which the latter is no longer active. In other words, there is no one to apply the program. Shandarism is then considered dormant. Concretely, what is it? In fact, it's very simple to achieve. A few days before planet earth enters a new astronomical cycle, the last Shandarians must place the memory of Shandaria/Axia in a large amphora called Artifact (Τεχνούργημα) . The artifact is then placed in the middle of an empty room. The basement of house for example. The door is sealed and the room abandoned. This is the Stasis (Στάση) and the room containing the artifact, the chamber of Stasis (θάλαμος της στάσης) . Finally, we add the following inscription on the door for all those who would discover the room in the future:

Chambre de stase

« Here is all the knowledge of Shandarians
That the visitor here opens and enters the Chamber
Where he will free the knowledge contained in the urn
For a new Renaissance »

Although not obligatory, but to inspire practices of antiquity, one can also make ornaments, paintings and bas-reliefs on the walls of the stasis chamber explaining the thought and practices of Shandarism.

VERY IMPORTANT: the concept of "end of world" and apocalypse don't exist in Shandarism and collective suicides are prohibited by Shandarian law.
If one tell you that you have to commit a collective suicide, remember that this is a lie! Save your life and get out there...

The 4 Guardians

In order to perpetuate the existential continuity of Shandarism during its passive phase, it was necessary to have a guard who would watch over the stasis chamber. Thus was established the 4 guards. 4 Shandarians including 2 men and 2 women all volunteers who have the function of being the custodians and protectors of the spirit and knowledge of Shandarism during this passive phase. From there, these men and women officially become Guardian through the fulfillment of an old Shandarian rite, that of the «Transition of Life » also called the last ritual of Shandarism or the ultimate ritual of Shandarians. A ritual that must be performed exclusively before Shandarism comes into stasis. The entry into function of the 4 guards starts at the moment of the transition from the active phase to the passive phase. Function that will end during the next transition from the passive phase to the active phase. Where a new life cycle will open for Shandarism. Finally, be careful not to confuse the 4 guards with the Guardian Council. These are 2 completely different groups

Axia & Shandaria

Axia (Αξία) and Shandaria (Χανδαρια) are the twin sisters. They are the engine of the shandarian life cycle. In other words, it is they with their influences that will turn Shandarism into its evolutionary cycles. Axia means «noble force ». She is both the creative and destructive force of shandarism. Axia symbolizes and incarnates the passive phase/period of Shandarism. Shandaria comes from the ancient name of Shandarian, Shandari to which we added the letter «a ». She is the consciousness, the thought and the energy of Shandarism. Shandaria symbolizes and incarnates the active phase/period of Shandarism.

Depending on whether you are at the low, medium or high level of consciousness/reality, Axia and Shandaria decline and change their appearance and their faces. Brunettes, blondes or redheads, young, tall, thin, with long and straight hair. But who still remain in their functions the motor of the passive and active phases/periods of the Shandarian life cycle.

Axia and Shandaria
Axia and Shandaria
Axia and Shandaria
Axia & Shandaria in the state of matter
Axia & Shandaria in the state of matter-energy
Axia & Shandaria in the state of energy

At the level of low consciousness/reality, Axia and Shandaria take the form of being in flesh and blood. Represented as 2 young naked women, they symbolically indicate the cycle of death with Axia and life with Shandaria of Shandarism. The latter possess an invisible aspect with the psi powers and a visible and sexual aspect with the creative and procreative powers. Axia and Shandaria are the state of shandarism and its passive/active phases in the matter.

At the level of medium consciousness/reality, Axia and Shandaria take the form of stone statues. These are capacitors that stock the psychical, biological (sexual), tellurical and cosmical energy (Axia/passive phase) and then restore it on the plan of matter (Shandaria/active phase). They are the state of shandarism and its passive/active phases in matter-energy.

At the level of high consciousness/reality, Axia and Shandaria are emanations of pure mind energy from the Shandarian collective consciousness. Appearing under a ghostly form, they are the basis of the Shandarians' egregore, in which energy is taken for the fulfillment of Shandarian rites and ceremonies. Here we enter the field of occultism and ancient magic. Axia takes energy (phase/passive period) while Shandaria returns the energy taken by her sister Axia. (phase/active period). These are the state of shandarism and its passive/active phases in energy.

Thus, it is this movement of taking and donating energy in the 3 states/degrees of shandarism (matter/matter-energy/energy) that the active and passive cycle can be done.

In its passive phase, Shandarism is symbolically dematerialized to become and be the building of Axia. Then in its active phase, the latter materializes or rematerialises symbolically always to become and be the building of Shandaria. Hence the origin of expression: «building/edifice of Shandaria».


The symbol of the rebirth of Shandarism is a triskel (Τρισκελης) composed of fractal figures. Four months before the event of the next rebirth, the symbol must be drawn everywhere in the places of Shandarism as a sign of the coming event. The same symbol that can also appear in dreams. At last, the triskele also has another invisible, secret, occult and hidden function in the functioning of the Shandarism, this is a key.

Rebirth of Shandarism






Official Emblem of Shandarism



According to the laws of the Universe
Under the reign of the Universal Consciousness

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