Shandarism owns no dogma, it is adogmatic in essence

Shandarism possesses instead of dogme a memory called the memory of Shandaria (Μνήμη της Χανδάριας) which contains another memory, that of the cosmos and its mysteries. When this memory is transmitted to the mind of the initiate, it becomes «knowledge », the Shandarian knowledge (Χανδάριανική γνώση). Then when this knowledge is integrated into the mental processes of the latter, it becomes «thought », the Shandarian thought (Χανδάριανική σκέψη). Finally, when this thought is implemented in a codified and structured way, it becomes practice, the Shandarian practice (Χανδάριανική πρακτική).

So, we should not see Shandarian thought as a sophism of the meaning of life like philosophies and spiritualities, and still less as dogma or belief, but rather as an informational architecture generated by data and issued from experimentation, observation and analysis about universe, consciousness and life in the universe. Data that once memorized becomes knowledge, then thought.

In this way, the memory of Shandaria wants to be above all a faithful and precise representation of the cosmos. The aim is not to please or displease, nor to be conformed to any tradition or belief system. But only to learn to progress and improve in this life. In order to be closer to reality, the information contained in this memory is updated through the correction or erasure of old data that are no longer valid and by the addition of new data from the shandarian work of search. Shandaria's memory is not fixed and static, but dynamic and progressive. It changes and transforms as we progress in the knowledge and understanding of the cosmos.

Note: One speaking of the Shandaria's memory. In other words, when Shandarism is in its active phase. But there is also another memory that is the memory of Axia which is the exact copy of that of her twin sister, Shandaria. Axia's memory is a reserve memory, a double which corresponds to the passive phase of Shandarism.

What does Shandaria's memory contain?

Contained in the different faces of the octahedron and the icosahedron composing the Shandaria's edifice, this memory contains a part of the «memory of the cosmos» (Μυστήρια του κόσμου) which constitutes the Shandarian cosmology. Which cosmology contains the great 3 mysteries that are:

The mysteries of consciousness (Μυστήρια της συνείδησης)

They bring together the knowledge of the source of life, the life force, the consciousness and its frequency bands. Then knowledge of consciousness with psychoanatomy and psychophysiology, the relationship between the psyche and the body with psychobiology. But there is also psychology and communication. Finally, knowledge of psi powers (telepathy, clairvoyance, lucid dreams, remote viewing, astral travel, psychokinesis.)

The mysteries of the universe (Μυστήρια του σύμπαντος )

They bring together 3 physics that are « basic physics » including quantum physics, particle physics and classical physics. Then « stellar physics » which includes astronomy and astrophysics. Finally, « dimensional physics » is a collection of knowledge of parallel dimensions and universes as well as applications such as teleportation, space travel, interdimensional travel and time travel.

The mysteries of life (Μυστήρια της Ζωής)

They bring together knowledge of life on Earth, the environment and the Earth ecosystem. But also life in the universe. Then knowledge of biology and genetics. Finally, the anatomical and physiological knowledge of our own body, human sexuality, hygienism, self-healing, immune strengthening as well as the slowing down of aging and rejuvenation.

This is our culture and identity

One can observe that in the field of ancient and non-conventional sciences each group is specialized in its own field. For example, the Rosicrucians it's philosophy and esotericism. With the Essenes, it's the energy cares and healing. While with us Shandarians, we are specialized in the powers of the mind. Incidentally, we also have knowledge in astronomy and physics, as well as in human anatomy and physiology, psychology, biology and genetics. Which are complementary areas to our main area.

When a person asks us how do we know all this, we answer him: We are Shandarian. Because all Shandarians know it and must know it. This knowledge of the mind and its powers, of space with its planets, stars and galaxies, but also of human biology and genetics is an integral part of our culture, our education and our identity.

The transmission of memory (knowledge)

There are two ways to transmit knowledge. The first is exposure to information for memorization through books, audio, videos, courses and seminars. This way is extremely long way to follow and may require several years of learning. The second way of transmitting knowledge is to download memory from one consciousness to another through the use of telepathy. It just must to be connected to the memory of an initiate already holding the knowledge. Then we access his memory and then make a copy of it in his own memory. Through this second way of transmission, one can acquire large volumes of information in a virtually instantaneous manner. But also with a pretty headache as a gift! Because the human brain is not adapted or configured to receive and process as much information at the same time. We named this neurological phenomenon neuropsychic congestion. When this happens, there is nothing to do except relax and take it easy while it decongests itself and naturally after 24-48 hours. This transmission of knowledge must be accomplished during the initiation ceremony, the Threshold. The memory downloaded has the effect of updating the mind of the initiate and so, to pass a threshold to his/her consciousness. Hence the name of «Threshold » for this initiation ceremony.

Important: In Shandarism, there is no truth, whether it is absolute and eternal or not. But only dynamic and evolutive reality that can contain errors and subject to updates as we progress in the mysteries of the cosmos. Never regard Shandaria's thought as the sacred and eternal foundation of any truth or life philosophy, but only as postulates arbitrary and temporary used as markers and landmarks in our understanding of existence. Shandarian thought is an open and evolving thought. It is not a closed and sectarian thought.




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